Mining Miracle Project Introduction

Mining Miracle Project Introduction

Mining Miracle is a new generation decentralized mining platform based on the Binance Smart Chain network support, built by a team of SHADOWRUN professionals with years of experience in smart contract processing, featuring a novel consensus protocol that efficiently helps users to easily protect their crypto asset holdings, giving them a more unique, exciting and secure mining experience in the future.

MMT is the governance token of Mining Miracle ecology, developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), which carries the weight of Mining Miracle mining platform, community governance, and its birth and existence is to promote the continued effective development of Mining Miracle ecology, consensus development, and generate more economic effects for community users. Mining Miracle’s solutions are community-driven and are working to become a global company and work in a decentralized environment.




Airdrop Link:

Mining Miracle Tokenomics

Total supply: 100,000,000MMT

Mining Release:40,000,000MMT



Burn Destroy:10,000,000MMT

Marketing: 5,000,000MMT

Team: 5,000,000MMT

Contract Address: 0xaB8A5f7cE4EE5cAF73497796889DD8AD650bBDA3

Token Symbol:  MMT

Decimals: 18

Blockchain: BEP-20(Binance Smart Chain)

Mining Miracle Project Introduction

MMT mining revenue mechanism

  1. Initial mining revenue mechanism

MMT mining revenue is 5MMT per hour, every time you invite a friend to participate in mining successfully, you will get 30% of your friend’s mining revenue.

2.MMT pledge mining mechanism (pledge mining function will be launched soon)

Pledged quantity: from 10MMT (can be transferred out at any time after pledging without any restrictions)

Yield: Average daily yield = 0.8% Monthly yield > 24%

Day 1 yield 0.5%

Day 2 yield 0.6%

Day 3 yield 0.7%

Day 4 yield 0.8%

Day 5 yield 0.9%

Day 6 yield 1%

Day 7 yield 1.1%

The 8th day is back to 0.5% analogy ……After receiving earnings, countdown to 24 hours to receive direct push earnings again

For every user invited to successfully participate in MMT mining, you will receive 30% of the direct push mining earnings.

MMT acquisition methods: acquired by participating in airdrops or promoting community missions; acquired by participating in initial mining and pledge mining;

Mining Miracle Project Introduction

Mining Miracle Recruitment Program starts Now‼️

Recruiting date: April 24

Recruiting number: 100

Appraisal requirements: minimum 100 new users invited to participate in the airdrop

Enrollment path: Official Telegram @MiningMiracle111

Salary reward:

Invite 100 new users to participate in the event, you will be rewarded with 100USDT+20,000 MMT tokens.

And so on ……

Invite 500 new users to participate in the event, you will be rewarded with 500USDT+100,000 MMT tokens.

After inviting 500 users, each additional invitation will be rewarded 500 USDT and the MMT token reward will be equal to the number of specific invited users X 200. For example, if 600 valid users are invited, the reward will be 500 USDT + (600 X 200) = 500 USDT + 120,000 MMT token reward. The number of airdrops is limited, first finish first get!

✨Reward distribution rules:

Each time you invite a new user to successfully participate  in the campaign , the MMT platform token reward will be directly credited to your wallet, and the USDT reward will be issued the day after the event.

Mining Miracle Project Introduction

Mining Miracle airdrop campaign rules:

Every new user who participates in the MMT airdrop will immediately receive 1000MMT, and 200MMT invitation bonus will be sent directly to your wallet if you successfully invite a valid airdrop user. The number of invitations is unlimited and the number of airdrops is limited, first come, first served!

  • Airdrop supply: 20,000,000 MMT
  • Events:May 04-June 10 10:00 AM (US time)
  • Listing On: June 10, 4:00 p.m. [Pancakeswap (US time)]
  • Listing Price: 0.2USDT


To avoid malicious bulk creation of wallets to swipe airdrops, please import your Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) wallet address with historical transactions directly to receive airdrops, the system defaults you as a real user and the airdrop rewards will be directly credited to your wallet. If the system recognizes your address as invalid, the bonus will be cancelled.

Copy and share your referral link, invite one user to successfully participate in the airdrop activity, you will immediately receive 200MMT invitation reward, expected to be on the Pancakeswap exchange single coin price at 0.2USDT, the invitation quota is unlimited, the number of airdrops received is limited, hurry up and share it!

Mining Miracle Pre-Sale Rules:

  • Pre-sale supply: 20,000,000 MMT
  • Pre-sale price: 1 BNB = 12000 MMT
  • Presale time: May 04-June 10, 10:00 AM (US time)
  • Pre-sale address: 0xC4e6Da78979CE6ec03B5458552aa34Fa5C8c606B
  • Pre-sale rules: The system will end the pre-sale on June 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM (US time). Send BNB to the pre-sale address using your BSC wallet address and the system will immediately send the corresponding number of MMT tokens to your wallet. The number of pre-sale is limited and the amount is sorted by the time of BNB arrival.
  • Listing On: June 10, 4:00 p.m. [Pancakeswap (US time)]
  • Listing price: 0.2USDT
  • After the pre-sale, MMT will officially go live on Pancakeswap at 4:00 p.m. (US time) on June 10. 80% of the pre-sale proceeds will be used for listing fees on exchanges such as OKEX, Bitfinex, and Coinbase. The remaining 20% will be used to protect the market after the listing of MMT.
  • Pre-sale invitation rules: By inviting your friends to participate in the pre-sale and get 30% of your friends’ participation pre-sale fee, the invitation reward will be sent directly to your wallet and paid in BNB tokens.


Phase 1

√Research & Idea

√Project Launch, Developing Contract

√Marketing Push

√Website & Socials

√Staking Dapp officially launched

√Launched global KOL recruitment program

√MMT pre-sale and airdrop campaign

Listing on Pancakeswap

Phase 2

CertiK Audit

Listing on CG/CMC

20000 Holders

Asian Partnership

Influencer marketing push

Mining Miracle pledge mining new feature goes live

Launch of large-scale marketing.

Launch of Android and IOS development plan

Phase 3

100000 Holders

Big Cooperations

Banner Ads

Huge Marketing Campaign

Destruction procedure of MMT Token

Android, IOS mining APP officially launched

Go live on top tier exchanges such as  OKEX, Bitfinex, Coinbase and FTX.

Mining Miracle Web3.0 series project launched

Phase 4

Optimize Staking & Farming functions

Swap function is online

Airdrops for MMT holders

Successive go live on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap

Increase Mining Miracle exposure and become the father of the next generation Staking platform

Press Releases & billboards